About Us

Champion Displays and Metal Works

Specialists in all types of metal fabrication

We specialize in metal shop fittings, but our capabilities are vast and include such items as:

- Wire form displays

- Clothing racks

- Barriers

- Frames

- Tables

- Sheet metal work

- Cabinets

- Stainless steel


We also have the ability to incorporate timber and glass into our jobs, depending on the needs of the customer.
Some of our manufacturing techniques include:

- Mig welding

- Tig welding

- Spot welding

- Butt welding

- Bronzing

- Mandrel tube bending

- Sheet metal folding

- Punching

- Rolling


We use quality-finishing techniques from proven companies. This is the only part of our manufacturing that is not done in house. Our metal polishing, chrome/brass plating, galvanizing and powder coating are the top quality.

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